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BlogWhy is it worth choosing a house bed for a child?
Why is it worth choosing a house bed for a child

Why is it worth choosing a house bed for a child?

Our children spend a lot of time in their room – it is a space of their own where they play and dis-cover the world. It is also a place of rest and relaxation, which is why it is worth making sure that the children’s room is properly adjusted to the child’s changing needs.

Interior design is not everything, functionality matters too

When planning the design of a children’s room and choosing furniture and extras, we should re-member that it should be not only pretty, but also functional. The child should feel comfortable in it, because only then they will eagerly spend time there during both day and night.
According to the Montessori method, a child’s environment should be aesthetically pleasing, clean and well organised. Such conditions stimulate the correct development of children and provide them with a feeling of security and tranquillity.

Furniture in children’s room

The furniture in a children’s room should be adjusted to the height of the child, not the parent. The child should have free access to them and be able to take advantage of all elements of its equip-ment without any limitations.
The key piece of furniture in a children’s room is, obviously, the bed. Since every parent cares for their child to sleep in their own bed and not in that of parents, it is worth making sure that it is a spe-cial piece of furniture, one that the child likes and which they enjoy using.

A Montessori-style bed

Children, especially little ones, use the bed not only during night sleep or afternoon nap, but also for fun and relaxing. A perfect bed is one which the child can get onto and off on their own. The best solution – and one recommended in the Montessori method – is buying a bed situated low above the floor. Then there is no risk of the child falling off the bed and hurting themselves when sleeping or playing. At the same time, the fact that the child will be able to get onto and off the bed on their own will provide them with a sense of independence and control.

House bed – a perfect solution

A house-shaped bed is a piece of furniture made according to Montessori principles. It is located low over the floor, making it full safe, and additionally it has a form that will surely encourage the child to sleep and play in it.
Every parent knows that children enjoy playing house, which is why a low house bed is a perfect solution. The shape of the bed allows using it in various ways. After covering it with a blanket, it can become a tent or a cave, while after surrounding it with pillows it will be an unconquerable fortress. The possibilities are limitless, which will surely stimulate the fantasy of the child and make them spend their free time in a creative and inventive way.
Becoming familiar with one’s own bed during play can be very helpful when the child does not want to sleep in their room and prefers sleeping with parents. Familiarising the child gradually with their new place of sleep and rest will be easier in a house bed than in a classic bed, which is not particu-larly attractive to children.

The house beds included in our offer have been manufactured from natural pine wood. A robust structure, excellent quality of execution and a natural material make each one a very durable piece of furniture that will serve the child for many years and will not become destroyed during creative fun.

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