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BlogWhat age is good for a house bed?
what age is good for a house bed

What age is good for a house bed?

We all know perfectly how important the role of sleep is in our lives. It is a time when the human body rests and regenerates in order to be able to function effectively on the next day again.
The amount of sleep required changes with age – the younger the body, the more sleep it needs per day. In newborns, the sleep demand is 14-17 hours a day. In infants – 12-15 hours. Little chil-dren should sleep 10-14 hours a day and school-age children about 9-10 hours a day.
Sleep is an extremely important element of life of every child, which is why it is worth making sure that it is comfortable and peaceful.

Where should a child sleep?

Since there are so many solutions, there is no single correct answer to this question. Very little chil-dren usually sleep in their parent’s bedroom, especially during the first months of their life. They often have their own little bed or cradle, use a rollaway bed or share a bed with their parents. Any of these solutions is good, provided that all the persons involved – mum, dad and child – are happy with it.
However, it is necessary to remember that children who initially share a room with their parents should eventually start sleeping in one of their own. If the transition from the parent’s bedroom to their own room take place quite early, the child will still use a bed with rungs. Once they are a bit older, however, they can start sleeping in a normal, “adult” bed.

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House bed – at what age?

Separating the child from parents for the time of night rest is not always easy. However, it is neces-sary to remember that the child’s self-reliance is very important and sleeping in their own bed is one of the steps towards it. It does not mean, obviously, that you should try separating the child no mat-ter what. But it is a good idea to keep in mind that according to the recommendations of psycholo-gists, little children between their 18th and 24th month of life should be slowly accustomed to sleep-ing in their own room.
Starting from the age of 1.5 year, a child can sleep in a bed without rungs. In order for the transition from a little bed to a big one to go smoother, it is worth choosing a house bed, which is very attrac-tive visually and will surely be enjoyed by any child.

House bed – a perfect choice for any child

The house bed has been built in line with Montessori principles, with the mattress located very low over the floor. The child can get onto and off it on their own, without any risk of falling and hurting themselves.
Thanks to its non-standard shape, the children use the house bed very eagerly not only in the night, but also during the day, as it is a wonderful place for having creative fun.

Therefore, if we want our child to start sleeping in their own room, a house-shaped bed may turn out to be a very good choice. The house shape will provide the child with additional feeling of secu-rity and, additionally, it will be much more attractive in comparison to the classic shape of the par-ents’ bed. In order to encourage the child further to accept sleeping in their own room, you can decorate the bed together. The bed design provides tremendous possibilities, which is why it is worth going on a flight of fancy and make it a cosy and safe space that the child will keep using with pleasure.

All the beds included in our offer have been made from natural pine wood. The natural material, precise execution and a robust and thoughtful design ensure long-lasting and safe use of this piece of furniture.

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