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Children’s bed, Upholstered bed Teddy

Upholstered children’s beds

MINKO upholstered beds are an excellent choice for both older and younger children. Their varied shape, wide range of colours and legs with adjustable height make them a highlight of a child’s room. Additional fall protection guarantees safe and peaceful sleep.

Upholstered children’s beds – novelties that will ensure a magical and comfortable sleep for your child

We are very happy to be able to present you with the latest gems in our store’s range – the beautiful and unique MINKO upholstered beds. The varied shapes, combined with the wide range of colours of the soft velveteen upholstery materials, provide these beds with a unique look and make them extremely comfortable. We are convinced that the new bed models will be a great addition to any child’s room.

Low or on legs? The choice is up to you!

A unique feature of the upholstered beds is the legs with adjustable height. A low bed will be a perfect choice for a younger child. With the mattress directly above the floor, the toddler will be able to move safely and freely during everyday play, without the risk of hurting themselves.
Once they get older, the height of the legs can be adjusted. A taller bed will look more grown-up and become more comfortable for an older child to use, as it will better suit their needs.

Children’s bed, Upholstered bed Trapezoid

Small manufactory = high quality

The beds are made in a small manufactory and are one of the few upholstered floor-level beds available on the market. Each is created with great passion and attention to the smallest details. The highest quality materials, completely safe for the youngest users, are used in production. The handiwork of the craftsmen translates into the unique character of each bed.

Upholstered bed Little Cloud 200X90, Bed frame finish - Unpadded

Fall protection – the perfect accessory for a toddler

Every parent prioritises their child’s safe sleep. When buying an upholstered bed for a little child, it is worth considering requesting additional fall protection. The securing element is perfectly fitted to the bed, making it very easy to install and remove. Meanwhile, its soft texture means that the toddler will be completely safe while sleeping and will certainly not roll off onto the floor.

By choosing a safe and stylish upholstered bed from the MINKO manufactory, you will make your child’s room special and the bed will not only be a peaceful oasis for resting, but also a perfect place for carefree and creative play.

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