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We are often hesitant to buy online, especially when it comes to valuable items or furniture. "What if that bed is completely different in reality? What does wood look like? Will I be able to assemble it on my own?". That is absolutely understandable! To make your decision easier, we encourage you to watch a video about the Meli bed made by our ambassadors. We believe that the overt joy on their faces will convince you that you have come to the r

We all know perfectly how important the role of sleep is in our lives. It is a time when the human body rests and regenerates in order to be able to function effectively on the next day again. The amount of sleep required changes with age – the younger the body, the more sleep it needs per day. In newborns, the sleep demand is 14-17 hours a day. In infants - 12-15 hours. Little chil-dren should sleep 10-14 hours a day and school-age children a

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