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Wall stickers – Flower Mountains and balloons 2

Wall stickers – Flower Mountains and balloons 2


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Soaring mountain peaks, snow-covered slopes and trips in the clouds are the dreams of every little traveller and adventurer. If your child adores climbing mountains trails, or skiing, we can guarantee, that this design will become their favourite. Don’t wait until the summer holidays and give your children inspiration to play and explore the unknown, so in the future, they can conquer more than one peak.

Completion date – 5-10 working days
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Size of the stickers:

  • Mountain 1: 97 x 130 cm
  • Mountain 2: 81 x 78 cm
  • Mountain 3: 86 x 64 cm
  • Balloons: 35 x 54 cm, 31 x 54 cm, 33 x 54 cm
  • Clouds: 41 x 16 cm, 41 x 23 cm, 41 x 22 cm, 5 x 10 cm (15 pcs)



– The surface you’re putting your sticker on has to be smooth, and cleaned from all the dust, grease and other impurities. Newly painted surfaces should be left to dry for about 3 weeks, before glueing stickers on them.

– Stickers can not stick to surfaces painted with: latex paint, oil paint or ceramic paint!

– Storing too long in the tube can make stickers lose their shape.


Skilful graphic designers and painters design our stickers. Which are made from a love of beauty, cosines and children’s creativity. Thanks to them every bedroom will get its own unique and exceptional character.

Stickers are cut true to the lines of the designs, which means they don’t have a background.

The way stickers are shown in pictures is only an example of how you can arrange them.

Stickers are made of white matt foil, perfect for sticking to smooth surfaces such as walls, furniture, glass or mirrors. Custom glue makes it possible to glue the stickers sturdy yet delicate. Foil is odourless, waterproof and certified.

Manufacturer: MakeMyWall
2 Years Warranty
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