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Upholstered wall panels – Herringbone

Upholstered wall panels – Herringbone


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Soft, upholstered wall panels are the perfect addition to a child’s bed.
Velveteen upholstered panels make any interior unique and special. Their undisputed advantage is their very good thermal and acoustic insulation, which allows the room to become more comfortable and cosy. Thanks to being easily to assemble, the panels are perfect as elegant headrests, decora-tive backrests, original alcove fillers and as a fantastic addition to a child’s room.

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Upholstered wall panels – fantastic addition to a child’s room

Upholstered wall panels are not only a unique decorative element, but also a perfect complement to the interior, improving its functionality and comfort of use. A diverse range of colours and interesting shapes make it possible to create an arrangement that will give the room a distinctive character.

An unquestionable advantage of the panels is the very good thermal and acoustic insulation they provide. Thus, we can be sure that installing them will not only make our interior cosier and more comfortable, but also improve its acoustics.

Upholstered wall panels - Herringbone. Color: Rose pink 63. In the picture: size 40x34,5 cm.

Panels can be used in a multitude of ways in interiors. They will look beautiful as a bed headrest and are also perfect as a backrest at various types of benches or as decorative details in alcoves. A splendid idea would be to use upholstered panels in a child’s room. They will be a fantastic addition to our House Bed.

Please note: The fabric colours shown in the swatches may differ slightly from the actual colours on the panels. Differences can be caused by different monitor settings and techno-logical aspects occurring during the production of the material.

Panel design

The rigid element of the upholstered panel is made of 7-8 mm thick furniture board. This board forms the base of the panel and is responsible for its durability and strength.The board employed also has a significant impact on the thermal and sound insulation properties of the panel.

The filling of the panel is high-quality hypoallergenic upholstery foam – certified by the PZH®.

The upholstery of the panel is made of Matt Velvet upholstery fabric, certified by OEKO-TEX Confidence in Textiles. It is a fabric characterized by high fleshiness, thickness and fluffiness. Its matte finish and slight tendency to shading mean that no unsightly streaks form on the panels when touched. Upholstery panels are very easy to clean due to their low absorbency and ease of cleaning.

Upholstered wall panels - Herringbone. Color: Rose pink 63. In the picture: size 40x34,5 cm.
Upholstered wall panels - Herringbone. Color: Rose pink 63. In the picture: size 40x34,5 cm.


The panels can be installed vertically in two ways – using hook-and-loop fasteners or by using a suitable adhesive.

Hook-and-loop fasteners will be a good choice if the wall on which you want to install the panels is smooth, has been properly primed and does not have any unevenness or dust that could limit the adhesion of the fasteners.

In the case of a wall with irregularities, a much better solution will be to use assembly adhesive. Such an adhesive should have a strong initial bonding force and guarantee immediate adhesion. For installing upholstered panels, we recommend using Bostik Mamut Glue.

Please note: The wall can be damaged when the panels are removed, regardless of the chosen fixing method.

Some technical information:

  • Materials used: 7-8 mm thick furniture board,anti-allergic upholstery foam, polyester upholstery fabric – synthetic velour,
  • Maximum panel thickness – approx. 5 cm (in the middle part),
  • Properties: heat and sound insulation,
  • Mounting: with velcro or adhesive.


  • Manufacturer: RASEK
  • Warranty – 2 years
  • We deliver within the European Union and Switzerland

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