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Small shell pillow – Soft Velveteen

Small shell pillow – Soft Velveteen


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These cute shell-shaped pillows will help you bring some of the carefree holiday spirit into your child’s room. They are great for playing with or for an afternoon nap. Some say that if you lay your head on it, you can actually hear the hum of the sea waves…

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All our products are custom-made manually. We carry out production in the spirit of zero waste. We use only certified materials of the highest quality, safe for both children and adults and originating from legal sources.



  • 47x42cm (+/- 3cm)

Materials used: Soft velveteen


  1. Pillow – Apricot – Soft Velveteen
  2. Pillow – White – Soft Velveteen
  3. Pillow – Mustard – Soft Velveteen
  4. Pillow – Emerald – Soft Velveteen
  5. Pillow – Sapphire – Soft Velveteen
  6. Pillow – Light Pink – Soft Velveteen
  7. Pillow – Caramel – Soft Velveteen
  8. Pillow – Dirty Pink – Soft Velveteen


Wash in 30 degrees Celsius.

The pillows are filled with anti-allergic silicone balls.

Small shell pillows

A shell-shaped pillow is a perfect decoration of a bed or a teepee.

Each pillow is made manually with utmost care for details.

The range of pillow colours to choose from is really extensive. Thanks to that, you can choose ones that will fit the room’s interior decoration or ones in the favourite colour of your child, which will surely please them a great deal.

All the pillows in our offer are made in the European Union using high quality certified materials and are appropriate for children of all ages.

Other information:

Manufacturer: MoiMili
Warranty – 2 years
We deliver within the European Union and Switzerland

2 years


30 days

for return

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