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Seashell mat


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A quilted mat in the shape of a circle is an excellent place for carefree fun. A little bit of creativity is enough to turn it into a raft, ship or flying rug and travel to the world of children’s fantasies. On the mat the children can read books, build block castles, serve afternoon tea, watch the stars or rest after a day full of exciting discoveries and unforgettable experiences.

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All the products available in our range are handmade on commission. We apply the philosophy of less waste. For making our products we use only certified materials of the highest quality, safe for both children and adults and originating from legal sources.


Materials used:

  • 100% OEKO-TEX® cotton fabric,
  • Velveteen (100% polyester),
  • Filling: insulation (100% polyester with anti-allergic properties).


  1. Eye of the sea – leinen
  2. Sand – leinen
  3. Caramel – leinen
  4. Papaya – leinen
  5. Honey – leinen
  6. Powder pink – leinen
  7. Soft pink – velvet
  8. Powder mint – velvet
  9. Powder pink – velvet
  10. Cream – velvet
  11. Grey Mint – velvet
  12. Dove gray – velvet
  13. Coral – velvet



  • Size: 110×110 cm,
  • Thickness: 3 cm.


Washing temperature allowed: 30° C.

The mat is made of tactile velveteen and thick cotton, allowing it to be used on either side. You can be sure that the child will use the seashell mat not only during everyday play, but also when resting. Together with a teepee tent or canopy, the mat can create a cosy nook for afternoon relaxation or reading books in the evening.

During the warm months, the mat will be the perfect accessory for playing in the backyard or on the balcony. If we organise a picnic or afternoon tea on it, the little one will be delighted and will certainly enjoy spending time outdoors.

The seashell-shaped mat is soft and elastic thanks to its filling, which is made of thick, anti-allergenic insulation. The external quilting prevents the filling from moving during use and washing, which, combined with the high quality of the materials used, allows the mat to retain its original performance characteristics for many years.

You will find a very wide selection of seashell-shaped mats in our product range. Thanks to the varied colours of the seashell collection, it is possible to match the colour of the mat to any interior décor.

All the seashell mats available in the product range of our store were manufactured in European Union from certified materials of high quality, completely safe for children.

Manufacturer: MoiMili
2 Years Warranty
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