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Rocker, climbing arch

Rocker, climbing arch


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A rocker, a ladder, a table? Or maybe rather a pirate ship, a bridge and a store counter? A wooden Montessori rocker will not only be perfect as an instrument for movement exercises but will also help your child’s imagination develop and provide the foundation for many creative and original ways of playing.
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  • All elements of the set are kept in the same color.

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Montessori wooden rocker

When furnishing the children’s room, people often act in the heat of the moment and spontaneously purchase various toys that often only look attractive or will remain useful only for the nearest six months or so. To care for the environment and the household budget, it is worth thinking such purchases through and choosing a product that will remain useful for many years, one that the child will not get bored with and that will contribute to the development of their motor skills and senses. A wooden rocker is more than a simple cradle. Just look how many wonderful opportunities it provides!

Rocking soothes little children but will also help those a little older calm down and relax. Such movement also supports the motor growth and coordination, and thus has a positive impact on the functioning of the brain. Older children can also use the rocker successfully for yoga exercises.

You do not have to limit yourself to a wooden rocker only. By choosing additional elements, such as a slide, worktop, chair or futon, you can create a true playground within the small rug on a children’s room floor. This toy grows up with the child and can change its functions, thus adjusting itself to the little one’s needs.


Both the rocker and the extras for it are made of 1.8 cm thick birch and alder plywood. It is coated with paper saturated with resin, thanks to which its surface is perfectly smooth and very resistant to damage. You can even write on it with chalk and then clean everything without any problem! In order to additionally secure the rocker, you may rub some edible oil into it.

The materials employed and certified are completely safe for health.

FSC Certificate

FSC Certificate

The wood used for manufacturing our products comes only from legal and sustainable sources – because we care for the environment!

CE Certificate

CE Certificate

Our toy meets all the directives required in the European Union: it is safe to use, it is not hazardous to health and it also meets the environment protection requirements.

EN 71 Standard

EN 71 Standard

We met the EU requirements regarding toys. The rocker is completely safe even for children under the age of 14 months during normal use. It does not contain any materials, paints or varnishes that are flammable or in any way toxic.

Additional informations

Maximum load:

According to the norms adopted, the maximum load of the toy is 50 kg. However, we can tell you in secret that the rocker will not break even under a slightly larger dad ;).


Rocker length (from handle to handle): 100 cm
Height: 60 cm
Width: 50 cm
Weight: 8.5 kg

You need only 1.5 x 1.5 m free space around to rock freely.

The spaces between rungs have been designed in such a manner that no child will be able to put their leg into them, so you do not have to worry about it.

Minimum age of the child

There is no upper or lower limit of the child’s age or height. The rocker can be used by anyone according to their preferences. For an infant, a good idea will certainly be to include a convenient cushion on which you will be able to rock them.

Additional equipment – a whole range of possibilities!

Ladder / slide

A ladder-slide is only a profiled board with rungs on one side, and yet it provides so many joy! One side features rungs that can be used to climb onto the very top of the inverted rocker, while the other is perfectly smooth, allowing to slide on it all the way down.
In order to create a truly large playground, you can install both the ladder and the slide on the rocker – then it is going to be twice as much fun!
When the board is laid on the rocker, we receive a perfect balance beam, where both older children and adults can practice their balance. The rungs are designed in such a way that they fit the rocker perfectly and help make the balance beam stable.

Rocker with ladder
Rocker with ladder

Ladder / slide weight: 8 kg
Dimensions: 125 x 48 x 1.8 cm

In order assemble this set, you need space of at least 1.5 x 3 m.

The ladder and slide are suitable for older children, as well as those who have already started walking. However, they need to use this toy under adult supervision.



Every child can find some use for a worktop – drawing, playing with modelling clay or conducting all kinds of experiments. All you need to do is put a perfectly fitting worktop on the rocker! Additionally, you do not need to worry about your little one making something dirty. After the playtime, you can confidently clean the worktop with a mild cleaning agent or a moist cloth. Such a playing spot will encourage the child to learn new things and develop their manual skills.

Worktop weight: 7.2 kg
Dimensions: 102 x 46 cm (the worktop is located 52 cm above the floor)

Chair or stool

A chair or stool will be a perfect addition to the ‘workstation’ of a little engineer or illustrator. They are made of the same material as the rocker, which is why they fit the rest of the set beautifully. The wood is strong, but because of the protruding elements only children will be able to sit on it. The best age for that is 3 – 6 years old.


Chair weight: 5 kg
Stool weight: 2.8 kg
Dimensions: seat – 30 cm, backrest – 62 cm


Proper growth requires not only a spot for fun that involves movement, but also a spot intended for a healthy rest. A futon is a form of mattress that resembles a pillow, adjusts excellently to one’s body shape and keeps the spine in the right position. It has no springs or sponge inside. It consists only of compacted, clean and environmentally friendly cotton. This futon has been designed specially with the rocker dimensions in mind, but it can be used in other places as well. You can certainly place it inside a teepee, on a carpet or on a sunny terrace, providing your child with a place for reading in peace or taking an afternoon nap.

Rocker Montessori
Futon Natural

Dimensions: 100 x 50 x 5 cm
Material: Cotton woven fabric (250 g/m2)

Rocker mat

Rocket mat

A mat is one of the most universal accessories. It will become handy not only under a rocker. It can be used for exercising, playing with building bricks or simply for lying down and resting. It is made of cork, which is a natural material that is easy to clean. Thus, you do not need to worry about your little one making it a little dirty. It will also work perfectly in the case of crawling babies, as it prevents slipping and helps maintain balance when making the first steps. Additionally, it provides excellent insulation, ensuring that your child will never get their bottom cold on it 😉

Dimensions: 160 x 120 x 0.3 cm

Other informations

  • Producer – GoodWood
  • Warranty – 2 Years
  • We deliver within the European Union and Switzerland

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