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Nike foam mattress with latex – 12cm

Nike foam mattress with latex – 12cm


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This mattress is the most popular choice of our customers. Thanks to the combination of materials employed in it, it provides full support for the spine and a night of peaceful sleep for your child. The removable encasement and the application of hypoallergenic raw materials ensure 100% hygiene.

Mattress type: Foam with latex
Hardness: medium H2
Height: 12cm
Manufacturer: Frankhauer
Dimension tolerance: +/- 2 cm

Completion date – 2-10 working days
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Bed mattress – The mattress should be the same width and length as the bed frame. When buying a mattress for a bed with a railing, be aware that the mattress may overlap the railing. In the photos of the beds, the mattresses are 12cm. The higher the mattress is, the bigger the overlap will be.

The mattress for the drawer must be 10cm shorter than the length of the bed. For example, for a 200 x 90cm bed, the mattress for the drawer is 190 x 90cm.
In the case of beds with a width of 120cm and 140cm (and with a reinforcing beam), the mattress for the drawer is 10cm shorter and narrower. For example, for a 200 x 120cm bed, the size is 190 x 50cm and, for a 200 x 140cm bed, it amounts to 190 x 60cm.
The maximum height of the mattress for the drawer is 12cm.

Nike foam mattress with latex - 12cm

The Nike mattress is a foam mattress that consists of a 10cm-thick ComfortBase (polyurethane) foam and a FlexyLatex foam block on one of the sides (2cm thick). These layers make the mattress ideal for supporting and maintaining the correct spine position.

The Nike mattress has one level of hardness. It is a medium-hard H2 mattress, both from the side of the FlexyLatex foam and ComfortBase foam. It is the best solution for children and adult users who weigh between 60 and 80kg.

The Nike mattress is a foam mattress with a layer of FlexyLatex foam which is quiet during use, thanks to which the mattress does not make any sounds when the person who sleeping moves. FlexyLatex foam is a very elastic and breathable material. The mattress insert prevents the accumulation of allergens such as dust or mites, and all components have anti-allergic properties.

Properties of the mattress for the bed

Double-sided – Both sides of the product can be used.

Latex – Foam with spot elasticity provides adequate support for the spine. It has orthopaedic properties.

Foam – Anti-allergic foam which ensures adequate air circulation and ventilation.

Wadding – The wadding provides excellent insulation and ventilation.

Fabric – The cover is quilted with a breathable fabric which ensures proper air circulation in the mattress.

Certificate – All raw materials used in the production of the mattress have been selected in such a way as to eliminate the risk of allergies.

Zipper – The product has a practical zipper.

Orthopaedic properties – A mattress with orthopaedic properties.

Anti-allergic – Material with anti-allergic properties.

Anti-fungal – A product with anti-fungal properties.

H2 – Medium-hard mattress (refers to an average user weight of 80kg. For people who weigh more than 100kg, the mattress will feel softer, and vice versa for people who weigh less than 60kg [i.e., the mattress will feel harder]).


4,70 (131)
Claudia E.
Verified order
 (Size: 200x140)
4 June 2024
(Translated by Google)
Hardness fits perfectly!
Jasmin Schwaiger
Verified order
 (Size: 190x120)
25 April 2024
(Translated by Google)
The mattress is a dream. Our children love it and finally have peaceful nights.
Verified order
 (Size: 200x120)
11 April 2024
(Translated by Google)
Verified order
 (Size: 200x100)
23 March 2024
(Translated by Google)
Very good mattress and was delivered really quickly.
Verified order
 (Size: 180x100)
20 March 2024
(Translated by Google)
We are satisfied!

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