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Loft bed – Sigelo I


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A loft bed is great fun for many children. It is ideal for smaller children’s rooms, as the space under the bed can be freely used. This sturdy bed is made of 100% natural wood from organic sources.

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Completion date: natural wood 5-15 working days, lacquered wood 20-30 working days
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The beds we offer are certified and made under strict supervision. Bearing in mind the natural environment, our suppliers use only wood obtained from legal sources (i.e., from forests specially cultivated for wood production). In addition, for the sake of the environment, we do not include paper instructions – they are available online – and the beds are packed using the minimum amount of plastic. Thanks to you, we will plant a beautiful forest. Each bed you buy is one tree planted in the TreeTale forest.

The set includes:

  • Bed
  • A set of mounting screws
  • Mattress frame
  • Installation manual – available online

Additional information

Raw materials – the bed is made of first-class natural pine wood. Natural wood beds are very solid and durable. The wood is thoroughly burnished and polished to reflect the smoothness of natural wood accurately. Thanks to these treatments, no other chemical wood protection agents are necessary to secure the bed (no lacquers, stain varnishes, etc.). The polishing treatments guarantee 100% smoothness of the wood.

The beds are painted by hand with acrylic paints and each element is painted twice. After the beds have been painted, the structure of the wood is enhanced. The painted wood is also slightly rough to the touch. Tikkurila AKVI TOP 40 acrylic paints are used for painting the beds.

Bed mattress –  The mattress for the bed must be purchased separately. The maximum thickness of mattress for the loft bed  is 12 cm. See our mattress offer.

Completion date: natural wood 5-15 working days, lacquered wood 20-30 working days

Sigelo I – an elevated bed for one child

We associate bunk beds with furniture designed for two children.There is nothing further from the truth! If you want to give your child all the benefits of a bunk bed, the Sigelo model will work perfectly in this role.

The Sigelo loft bed has a high suspended mattress with a ladder leading to it. The space under the bed, where there would normally be a second mattress, is empty and can be used as a learning or play area.

Sigelo bed was created with attention to the smallest detail. Safe construction made of natural pine wood, top quality workmanship and unique design make it a piece of furniture that will serve your child for many years.

Ladder in a place of your choosing

There is a stable bed ladder in front of the bed, but it is up to you to decide whether it should be located in the middle, of perhaps on the right or left side. When customising your bed, choose the option you prefer. If the ladder is to be on the side, you will choose during installation whether to mount it on the left or right.


The bed is fitted with a wooden slatted frame. The dimensions of the frame are matched to the dimensions of the bed, so that all the pieces fit together perfectly.

Additional information

  • The bed frame is at a height of 105 cm
  • The permissible load on the bed is 65 kg (due to the risk of tipping)
  • For safety reasons, we recommend that the mezzanine bed is used from the age of 6 years onwards
Size x1 x2
70×140 140 153
70×160 160 173
80×140 140 153
80×160 160 173
80×180 180 193
80×190 190 203
80×200 200 213
90×140 140 153
90×160 160 173
90×180 180 193
90×190 190 203
90×200 200 213
Size y1 y2 y3
70×140 67,3 76,3 101,8
70×160 67,3 76,3 101,8
80×140 77,3 86,3 111,8
80×160 77,3 86,3 111,8
80×180 77,3 86,3 111,8
80×190 77,3 86,3 111,8
80×200 77,3 86,3 111,8
90×140 87,3 96,3 121,8
90×160 87,3 96,3 121,8
90×180 87,3 96,3 121,8
90×190 87,3 96,3 121,8
90×200 87,3 96,3 121,8


Verified order
 (Size: 160x80)
29 June 2023
(Translated by Google)
The bed looks very nice. Our daughter is 3 1/2 years old and very happy with her loft bed.
Verified order
 (Size: 180x80)
22 November 2022
(Translated by Google)
everything great!

2 years


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