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Proper growth requires not only a spot for fun that involves movement, but also a spot intended for a healthy rest. A futon is a form of mattress that resembles a pillow, adjusts excellently to one’s body shape and keeps the spine in the right position. It has no springs or sponge inside. It consists only of compacted, clean and environmentally friendly cotton. This futon has been designed specially with the rocker dimensions in mind, but it can be used in other places as well. You can certainly place it inside a teepee, on a carpet or on a sunny terrace, providing your child with a place for reading in peace or taking an afternoon nap.

The rocker is sold separately.

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Why a futon and not an ordinary sponge?

Futon is a natural mattress without springs or unnecessary artificial additives. Futons do not bounce because the compressed cotton conforms to the human body and supports the spine along its entire length. Original futons do not contain harmful chemicals. They are ideal for people who care about the environment and, of course, their own health.

What is the futon made of?

MONTESSORI futon is the most traditional version of the mattress. It consists of six layers of carded cotton, which adapts to the body, absorbs pressure and provides maximum comfort during sleep. The natural materials used for the futon provide air circulation and optimal body temperature. Our futon is filled with cotton with the Cotton Trade Mark. The cover is made of a thick cotton fabric weighing 250 g/m2. The quilting is protected by a black felt backing. The futon is surrounded by a black cotton piping. If you care about health, environment and proper development of your child, the futon is the perfect solution for you and your family.

What are the dimensions of the futon?

The dimensions of our futon are 100x50x5cm, which perfectly matches the size of the rocker, but the futon fits more than just a rocker – it brilliantly decorates any interior. The combination of the smooth fabric pattern and interesting texture is the perfect combination.

How else can I use a futon?

Of course, a futon can also be the perfect accessory for a reading corner, a crib or a temporary armchair – it all depends on the demand. It’s really multifunctional and also very comfortable!

How to use futon mattresses?

Roll in all directions. Mattresses made of natural materials, including cotton, can collapse. It is very easy to restore their original shape and properties by simply rolling them in all directions.

It should not be treated with water. Futons are made of cotton fibers, so do not let the mattress get wet. So do not clean the mattress with water or wash it in a water or chemical bath.

Inversion. From time to time, the futon should be turned over so that it retains its shape and has a chance to air out. This should be done every 3-4 weeks.

Do not cover. If possible, leave the mattress uncovered during the day to allow for better ventilation.

WARNING Natural product, flammable!

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