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Flower-shaped quilted linen mats

Flower-shaped quilted linen mats


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A kid’s mat in the shape of a flower is an excellent piece of decoration, which will make your children’s room exceptional. Unique shape gives it irreplaceable character, it grabs your attention and gives the room a cosy feeling.

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All the products available in our range are handmade on commission. We apply the philosophy of less waste. For making our products we use only certified materials of the highest quality, safe for both children and adults and originating from legal sources.


Materials used:

  • 100% cotton fabric with OEKO-TEX® certificate,
  • 100% linen fabric,
  • Velveteen (100% polyester),
  • warming lining (100% polyester with anti-allergic properties)


  1. Honey azalea – Velveteen
  2. Violet – Velveteen
  3. Pink elderberry – Velveteen
  4. Mint – Velveteen
  5. Cream Yucca – Velveteen
  6. Sunflower – linen
  7. Sandy lily – linen
  8. Sage – Linen
  9. Powder rose – linen
  10. Papaya – linen
  11. Mint – linen
  12. Light pink lily – linen
  13. Lavender – linen
  14. Coral pink dahlia – linen



  • Size: 110×110 cm,
  • Thickness: 3 cm.


Washing temperature allowed: 30° C.

A flower-shaped quilted mat will provide an excellent place to sit in a teepee tent or under a canopy.

Flower-shaped quilted linen mats - background

Double-sided flower mats can be used in various ways throughout the children’s room. It will be a perfect place to relax or rest, as well as reading books and playing games. Your children can use it during their creative time, to play in a teepee tent or canopy, it will be a great addition while building a base or playing house.

In spring and summer, our mats can be used to play outside. It may become a staple while organising picnics and drinking afternoon teas. We assure you that your children will have the times of their lives!

The fabrics used for making the mat depends on the model chosen. Inside the mat there is a thick warming lining material that provides it with the right thickness and softness. Quilting is a decorative feature which also prevents the warming lining against moving around and rolling. The very strong structure and high quality of materials used provide the mat with excellent performance characteristics.

The range of our flower-shaped quilted mats’ patterns and colours available is very wide, thanks to which adjusting the mat to the interior decoration of a child’s room should not pose any problem.

The flower-shaped quilted mats available in the product range of our store were manufactured in Poland/European Union from certified materials of high quality, completely safe for children.

Manufacturer: MoiMili
2 Years Warranty
We deliver within the European Union and Switzerland


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25 March 2024
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