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Flat bedsheets


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Linen bedsheets combine the best properties of linen, such as its lightness and antibacterial and anti-allergy effects, with its extraordinary aesthetic values. They are exceptionally durable and do not require ironing.
30 cm pouch for mattresses up to 20 cm (mattresses with an elastic band)

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So Linen bedclothes

Linen is an exceptional fabric. Light, breathable, antibacterial and anti-allergy. Thanks to these properties, it is a perfect choice for children’s bedclothes. It helps maintain appropriate body temperature during sleep. It has moisture-absorbing properties, which is particularly important for the feeling of comfort on skin.
All the bedclothes included in our offer are made of European linen with basis weight of 160 g/m2 and are sewn in the European Union.
Linen bedclothes do not require ironing (we recommend not doing it to keep the fibre structure intact) and becomes softer with every instance of washing.

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How to wash linen?


We recommend washing the linen bedclothes separately, without other fabrics. Do not combine white with other colours and light colours with dark colours in a single washing batch.
The cases need to be turned inside out and closed if there are buttons/ribbons that enable this.
It is good for the washing machine drum not to be filled to the limit. Linen does not like being compressed.


Wash in temperature up to 40°C, in mild washing agents, using a program for delicate fabrics.
Do not wring, do not twist.
Do not use bleaches as they may discolour or damage the fibres. We do not recommend using fabric softeners as they reduce the absorptive properties of linen bedclothes.


Dry hung. Using tumble dryers may lead to shrinkage of the fabric and grater vulnerability to damage.


Linen bedclothes do not require ironing. Linen bedclothes has a slightly crumpled texture. If ironing is required, we recommend ironing this fabric while it is slightly damp, with high temperature setting.


If possible, we recommend storing the linen bedclothes in a draughty place. Do not compress or crush.
Linen shrinks naturally during washing. However, the linen used for our bedclothes has already been shrunk and loosened at the production stage. It exhibits 3% shrinkage only (if the above indicated care procedures are followed).

  • Manufacturer: So linen
  • 2 Years Warranty
  • We deliver within the European Union and Switzerland


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