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Classic garlands – crescent moons

Classic garlands – crescent moons


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Do you want your child’s room to be unique? If so, make sure you get unique extras! Classic garlands with ornaments in the shape of crescent moons or triangles are not only a great interior design element, but also a great addition for the purposes of creative fun and an interesting decoration that can be used during children’s parties, birthdays and other occasions involving children.

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All the products available in our range are handmade on commission. We apply the philosophy of less waste. For making our products we use only certified materials of the highest quality, safe for both children and adults and originating from legal sources.


Materials used:

  • 100% linen, 100% cotton with OEKO-TEX® certificate, velveteen, velvet (depending on the model),
  • decorative welt.
    1. Garland Powder Pink – Linen
    2. Garland Cream Circus – Linen
    3. Garland Circus – Linen
    4. Garland Silver Pearl – Velvet
    5. Garland Marsala Pearl – Velvet
    6. Garland White Pearl – Velvet
    7. Garland Smels Like Nature -Linen and Cotton
    8. Garland Rainbow – Velvet



  • Garland length: 2,5 m


A classic garland will be an excellent decoration of a house-shaped bed or a teepee tent.

Classic garlands - crescent moons

Children learn the world through play, which is why it is worth providing conditions that encourage them to creatively discover the surrounding reality. Classic garlands can be a wonderful element of children’s playtime.
No one needs to be convinced that children love building castles, bases, fortresses and tents. The decorations in the form of garlands in various colours will surely stimulate the imagination of children and encourage them to spend their time creatively.
During summer months it is worth using the garlands for making a spot for playing outdoors. You can be sure that such an attractive space will encourage the child to take advantage of the warm summer weather.

Depending on the model, the garland consists of nine (triangles), eleven (velveteen crescent moons) or twelve (linen-cotton crescent moons) carefully made ornaments, sewn to the decorative welt, with uniform spacing between them.

Our offer of classic garlands with ornaments in the shape of triangles or crescent moons is very diverse. A wide range of colours, diverse materials and diverse patterns make it possible to adjust the garland perfectly to the decoration of the child’s room.

All the garlands available in the product range of our store were manufactured in European Union from certified materials of high quality, completely safe for children.

Manufacturer: MoiMili
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