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Bunk bed – Saja II


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A bunk cot is a dream for many children, and so is a house-frame cot bed. That is why we offer you these two things in one piece of furniture. The cot can be freely configured according to your needs. You can have two beds – a perfect option for two children. Or, you can have one bed and space for a desk, storage or whatever you like.

Shipping from £20 for orders to the UK Incl. VAT
Completion date: natural wood 5-15 working days, lacquered wood 20-30 working days
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The beds we offer are certified and made under strict supervision. Bearing in mind the natural environment, our suppliers use only wood obtained from legal sources (i.e., from forests specially cultivated for wood production). In addition, for the sake of the environment, we do not include paper instructions – they are available online – and the beds are packed using the minimum amount of plastic. Thanks to you, we will plant a beautiful forest. Each bed you buy is one tree planted in the TreeTale forest.

The set includes:

  • Bed
  • A set of mounting screws
  • Frame – if you choose the option with two beds, you will receive two frames
  • Installation manual – available online

Additional information

Raw materials – the bed is made of first-class natural pine wood. Natural wood beds are very solid and durable. The wood is thoroughly burnished and polished to reflect the smoothness of natural wood accurately. Thanks to these treatments, no other chemical wood protection agents are necessary to secure the bed (no lacquers, stain varnishes, etc.). The polishing treatments guarantee 100% smoothness of the wood.

The beds are painted by hand with acrylic paints and each element is painted twice. After the beds have been painted, the structure of the wood is enhanced. The painted wood is also slightly rough to the touch. Tikkurila AKVI TOP 40 acrylic paints are used for painting the beds.

Bed mattress – the set does not include a mattress. Bed mattresses must be purchased separately. The maximum thickness of the mattress for the top bed is 12 cm. For the bottom bed in the variety with railing, we recommend a 12-14 cm thick mattress. See our mattress offer.

Completion date – natural wood 5-15 working days, lacquered wood 20-30 working days

Saja – 2-person bunk bed, different from all the others

Bunk beds are a very popular solution employed when two children share one room. One of their clear advantages is that they save space in children’s rooms, which can be used for playing instead. No one needs convincing that children simply love bunk beds!

The Saja bed combines all the features of a bunk bed with an interesting and attractive design, proving that a bunk bed does not need to be boring. The house-shaped design makes this large piece of furniture become not only an attractive sleeping place but also a wonderful space for playing, which the children can take advantage of during the day.

In the photo: Bunk bed - Saja II 160 x 80 cm

The whole Saja model is made of pine wood. Thanks to employing a natural material and to the highest quality of finishing combined with a robust design and excellent functional characteristics, this bed will retain its original appearance for many years.

Option to raise the bottom bed

Perhaps your children no longer need a bed sitting right on the floor. This is no problem. You can choose to raise the bottom bed by 10 or 20 cm upwards. PLEASE NOTE! Remember that it is the bed that is raised and not the legs that are extended, and therefore the distances between the beds is reduced.

PLEASE NOTE! This bed model does not include a variety that features a drawer. Because the ladder stands on the floor, it would be impossible to pull out the drawer.

With or without railing

The bottom bed is available in a version with a railing or without it. So if you are concerned that your child might fall off the bed at night, it is a good idea to equip the furniture with this extra feature. The height of the railing is 30 cm (measured from the frame) and it can be installed either the right or the left side. It all depends on which side you want the entrance to be.

The lower bed railing can be easily dismounted once the child is older.

Bed frames

For each Saja bunk bed we provide two mattress frames free of charge. The frame size is adjusted to the size of both upper and lower bed, thanks to which we can be sure that all parts will fit one another perfectly.

Additional information

  • The distance from the ground level to the storey is 100cm,
  • The distance between the storeys is 88cm,
  • Load capacity: upper level 60kg, lower level 90kg,
  • The upper bed is designed for children over six years old and the lower storey is for children over three years old,
  • Extending the bed legs by 20 cm reduces the distance between lower and upper bed by 20 cm. The height of the bed does not change.
  • It has been designed and manufactured in accordance with the following standard: PN-EN 747-1+A1:2015-08
  • Important Safety Notice EN (PDF)
  • Package weight – 55 kg
  • 2 Years Warranty – Terms of warranty
  • We deliver within the European Union and Switzerland
Saja II
Size x1 x2 x3 x4
70×140 140 153 189,2 44,1
70×160 160 173 195 50
80×140 140 153 189,2 44,1
80×160 160 173 195 50
80×180 180 193 200,7 55,7
80×190 190 203 203,6 58,6
80×200 200 213 206,5 61,5
90×140 140 153 189,2 44,1
90×160 160 173 195 50
90×180 180 193 200,7 55,7
90×190 190 203 203,6 58,6
90×200 200 213 206,5 61,5
Saja II
Size y1 y2 y3
70×140 67,3 76,3 101,8
70×160 67,3 76,3 101,8
80×140 77,3 86,3 111,8
80×160 77,3 86,3 111,8
80×180 77,3 86,3 111,8
80×190 77,3 86,3 111,8
80×200 77,3 86,3 111,8
90×140 87,3 96,3 121,8
90×160 87,3 96,3 121,8
90×180 87,3 96,3 121,8
90×190 87,3 96,3 121,8
90×200 87,3 96,3 121,8


4,90 (55)
Verified order
 (Size: 180x90)
7 November 2023
(Translated by Google)
A high quality bed. It's very sturdy, you could tell when you were putting it together. Our daughter likes to climb on it, nothing wobbles. It also looks great. We are very satisfied.
Verified order
 (Size: 200x90 Bester Verkauf!)
4 November 2023
(Translated by Google)
I bought the Saja bunk bed for my two daughters. They chose it themselves: as soon as I typed 'bunk bed' into the search engine on the Internet and they saw a selection of beds, they both pointed to the Treetale bunk bed and shouted 'That one! And I agreed, it was the most beautiful bed of all the ones I've seen so far. The beautiful light wood, the unusual creative shape of the house, the comfortable ladder at the side, everything immediately appealed to me. I also found the company's website very aesthetically pleasing. I thought it was brilliant that you could decide whether you needed the bed with or without the railing at the bottom, with or without the drawer with the guest mattress. Being able to choose the height of the bed myself was also great - I was able to choose exactly the right one for our needs. You can also choose which side the ladder is on (at home already). We waited for the bed to be made and as soon as it arrived, we assembled it with the children. This went quickly, the instructions could be found on the Internet (which I found very good, saving paper), the explanations were exactly right and there were even enough spare parts for emergencies. The bed is now in place and is just as beautiful as in the photo. The children love it, they make their own decorations, look forward to the first overnight guest and do as much as they can on the top bunk. With a blanket on the top of the bed and a night light, they make themselves comfortable in their house/reading corner/hiding place. Many thanks to Treetale on my part! I am more than happy, the bed has made us all very happy :) In time we also want to buy a bunting and a canopy from Treetale :)
Katharina Diedrich
Verified order
 (Size: 200x90 Bester Verkauf!)
20 October 2023
(Translated by Google)
Price / quality is absolutely reasonable and recommended. The wood looks high quality. Here and there it could be a little more robust, but there we have helped ourselves with additional screws. All in all, we are very satisfied and can recommend this bed!
Verified order
 (Size: 160x70)
16 October 2023
(Translated by Google)
We are completely satisfied with the bed. our Two boys love it. We are really happy with the quality. There was a shortage on one part, respectively it broke very quickly. Then we contacted TreeTale, described the problem and we got a response within hours and the part was with us 2 or 3 days later. Really a great service.
Verified order
 (Size: 190x80)
14 October 2023
(Translated by Google)
We really like the bunk bed! It was easy to assemble and shipping was smooth.

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