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Bed Bumper – Dachshund

Bed Bumper – Dachshund


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A dachshund-shaped bed bumper is an excellent decorative element that will provide a child’s room with unique charm. This bumper will also work well as a very long pillow that can be used during both sleep and fun, as well as a plush toy that can be hugged while drifting away to the land of children’s dreams.

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Materials used:

  • 100% OEKO-TEX® 100 and/or TUV-certified cotton fabric (5-7% shrinkage after washing and ironing),
  • Filling: anti-allergy silicone non-woven.


  • length: about 250 cm (+/- 5%)
  • height: about 14-15 cm,
  • thickness: about 14-15 cm.
  1. Bed Bumper Honey – Linen – 200 cm
  2. Bed Bumper Beige – Linen – 200 cm
  3. Bed Bumper Gray – Linen – 200 cm
  4. Bed Bumper Terracotta – Linen – 200 cm
  5. Bed Bumper Blue – Cotton – 250 cm
  6. Bed Bumper Mint-Yellow – Cotton – 250 cm
  7. Bed Bumper Flower – Cotton – 250 cm
  8. Bed Bumper Green – Cotton – 250 cm
  9. Bed Bumper Mustard – Cotton – 250 cm

Washing and care:

  • wash in low temperature using liquid detergent and colour catching wipes,
  • spin with maximum speed of 400 rpm,
  • do not bleach,
  • do not use fabric softeners (especially with regard to the bumper version with the filling sewn up inside),
  • return to proper shape after washing and dry flat,
  • do not tumble dry,
  • use a clothes steamer or an iron with steamer function to iron out any creases.
Bed Bumper - Dachshund - Honey

A long bed bumper in the shape of a dachshund is a perfect addition to any child’s bed. It will work excellent as a protection against rolling off the bed, as well as a barrier between a sleeping child and a cold wall. Additionally, the dachshund-shaped bed bumper is also a wonderful soft plush toy that will make the child feel secure at night and provide them with colourful dreams, while being an excellent part of carefree fun during the day.

Every single dachshund is handmade with care for the most minute details. Soft filling, materials that are pleasant to the touch and charming, manually embroidered eyes and mouth make this bed bumper very attractive visually, as well as possessing excellent practical properties.

Our range of dachshund-shaped bed bumpers is very wide. Various colours and patterns of fabrics make it possible to adjust the bed bumper perfectly to the decoration and colour scheme of the child’s room. There are two types of filling to choose from:

  • permanently sewn up inside the bumper – this requires the dachshund to be washed whole,
  • removable – the case features a zipper that enables removing the filling and washing the outer part only.

All the dachshund-shaped bed bumpers available in the product range of our store were manufactured in Poland from certified materials of high quality, completely safe for children of all ages.

Manufacturer: SenLove
2 Years Warranty
We deliver within the European Union and Switzerland


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11 April 2024
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15 February 2024
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Tolle Bettschlange!
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17 January 2024
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The little one loves it
Petra Koci
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2 May 2023
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24 February 2023
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The dachshund bed snake is very well received by our son. It prevents his pillow from slipping out of bed at night. Our son sleeps restlessly and moves a lot in his sleep. Therefore, before, the pillow often fell behind the bed and this woke our son. With the bed snake, the problem was solved. We can only recommend the bed snake.

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