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Bamboo Year-round duvet

Bamboo Year-round duvet


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A year-round bamboo duvet is the best choice if we care for providing a child with appropriate thermal comfort in both summer and winter months without having to buy two separate duvets.

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The excellent performance characteristics of the year-round duvet stem from using natural materials that ensure optimal air circulation and prevent accumulation of moisture and microbial growth. Thanks to all these features, the duvet is excellent for allergic children.

The duvet sheath is made of fabric that is a mixture of cotton and bamboo, delicate and pleasant to the touch. Meanwhile, the filling consists of bamboo and polyester fibres that provide the duvet with appropriate firmness, fluffiness and strength. The uniform distribution of the filling was achieved thanks to quilting, which prevents the filling from moving and also prevents the child from feeling the discomfort stemming from non-uniform warming during sleep.

Product parameters:

  • sheath: a silky and delicate fabric made of 52% bamboo and 48% cotton,
  • filling: 50% bamboo fibres and 50% silicone coated polyester,
  • finishing: green piping,
  • properties: anti-allergenic, antistatic, antibacterial,
  • packaging: practical plastic case with handle, perfect for storing the duvet.
Bamboo Ultra light duvet

Product care:

According to the manufacturer’s recommendations, the duvet can be washed in an automatic washing machine in temperatures not exceeding 40°C, and dried in an automatic drier on condition of keeping the temperature low.

Thanks to the fact that the duvet is quilted, you can rest assured that the filling will not move and the duvet will retain its excellent performance characteristics after washing.


  • OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 – a certificate confirming the high quality of the product and lack of any negative impact on human health. It is awarded if none of the 100 hundred substances considered the most hazardous to users of textile products is found in the product.
  • Hygienic certificate of the National Institute of Hygiene (PZH) – a certificate awarded by the National Institute of Public Health, confirming that the product complies with binding safety standards and has no negative impact on human health and natural environment.
  • V-Label Vegan – a registered certificate recognised all over the world, used for making vegan products. This certificate confirms that no substances or ingredients of animal origin have been used at any stage of products (starting with obtaining raw materials and ending with packaging and processing).
  • Manufacturer: POLDAUN (a renowned Polish company that has been operating on the bedclothes market for over 30 years)
  • Warranty – 2 Years
  • We deliver within the European Union and Switzerland

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