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Baby Cot Bed Tipi Dreamy 120×60

Baby Cot Bed Tipi Dreamy 120×60


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If you are a fan of unusual solutions, then you have come to the right place. On the one hand, the Tipi Dreamy is a classic, simple cot bed, but on the other hand, thanks to the tipi element, it becomes a truly original piece of furniture with an imaginative flair. The bar above the cot bed gives you countless arrangement possibilities, and the additional drawer function makes it easy to keep your little one’s room tidy.

Completion date – natural wood 7-15 working days, lacquered wood 25 -35 working days
Shipping from £20 for orders to the UK Incl. VAT

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    • Dual Mattress


      DUAL baby mattress with ventilated channel system, thermoplastic foam mat and quilted jacquard cover with silver threads and a wrap-around zipper.

      Manufacturer: Babymatex | Height: 10 cm

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The Tipi Dreamy cot bed is made of solid beech wood. We sand and polish it smooth, so you do not have to worry about any splinters. The wood is painted with a colourless or coloured varnish. It is completely non-toxic and safe for children’s health. Additionally, all the edges of the cot bed have been rounded slightly for the safety of your little one.

The bar above the cot bed provides you with the opportunity to decorate it in many different ways. A garland or a small carousel will look beautiful there, or maybe even a curtain or other decorations. It is all up to you. Whatever you choose, it will surely catch your little one’s eye and make them eager to stay in their cot bed and develop their senses 🙂 The tipi bar can be easily detached if necessary.


The cot bed design provides three possible frame heights of 48, 32 and 24 cm (measured from the floor). The highest option is intended for new-borns, allowing you to take care of your infant conveniently. When the child grows up, it is easy to lower the frame to a height of 32 or 24 cm. You can also easily pull out the three front rungs so that your little one can use their cot bed on their own.

The frame is made of very strong beech wood. It is not varnished. If a coloured bed is ordered, only its external elements are painted.


An additional feature of the cot bed can be a drawer with an adorable heart-shaped handle. It is 15 cm tall. You can store your little one’s bedding, nappies or blanket there. The cot bed with drawer is also equipped with casters, so you can easily move it to any location.


The natural environment is very important to us, which is why the wood used in our products comes from sustainable forest management sites to meet both the current needs of society and those of future generations.


  • Size: 120×60 cm,
  • External dimensions: length 127cm, width 65cm, height 165cm (83 without the tipi),
  • Mattress: 120×60 cm,
  • Material: beech wood,
  • Spacing between rungs: 5,5 cm,
  • Manufacturer: ATB Meble,
  • Warranty – 2 years,
  • Shipping from £20 for orders to the UK Incl. VAT

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Shipping from £20

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