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Baby Cot Bed Nordik 120×60

Baby Cot Bed Nordik 120×60


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A beautiful and, above all, functional cot bed is the basic equipment of your little one’s room. We know how important it is for an infant to have a safe and comfortable place to sleep, but we are also mindful of how quickly our little ones grow up. This is why we created the Nordik cot bed, which charms with its simple yet elegant form, and over time can be transformed into a mini bed or sofa for your child.

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      DUAL baby mattress with ventilated channel system, thermoplastic foam mat and quilted jacquard cover with silver threads and a wrap-around zipper.

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The white and elegant Nordik bed cot has been made of ash wood. It is a natural material that is completely suitable for the needs of the little ones. The wooden parts of the bed cot are coated with a colourless varnish that is completely safe for health. All the rest is 18 mm thick white laminated board. We gently polish and round off all the edges of the bed cot so that you do not have to worry about your little one’s safety.


The cot bed design provides three possible frame heights of 50, 32 and 18 cm (measured from the floor). The highest option is intended for new-borns, allowing you to take care of your infant conveniently. When the child grows up, it is easy to lower the frame to a height of 32 or 18 cm. You can also easily pull out the three front rungs so that your little one can use their cot bed on their own.


When choosing the Nordik you do not have to limit yourself to a cot bed only. This piece of furniture can very easily be transformed into a lovely little sofa. Simply unscrew the front railing and fix the other, low railing in its place, having an entrance in the middle. That railing is 25 cm high, and the middle entrance is 50 cm wide. Such a sofa is a perfect and functional addition to your little one’s room, where they will be able to play comfortably and undisturbed once they grow up some. It can also become a comfortable bed for them once they no longer need high protective railing.

Baby Cot Bed Nordik 120x60


The natural environment is very important to us, which is why the wood used in our products comes from sustainable forest management sites to meet both the current needs of society and those of future generations.


  • Size: 120×60 cm,
  • External dimensions: length 123cm, width 65,5cm, height 81cm,
  • Mattress: 120×60 cm,
  • Material: ash and beech wood,
  • Spacing between rungs: 5,5 cm,
  • Manufacturer: ATB Meble,
  • Warranty – 2 years,
  • Shipping from £20 for orders to the UK Incl. VAT


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27 February 2024
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Very nice baby crib. It is just as beautiful in reality as in the picture. We would buy it again at any time. Oh yes, the shipping was also very fast and uncomplicated.

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