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Baby Cot Bed Grand 140×70

Baby Cot Bed Grand 140×70


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We love combining the classic with the modern. The Grand cot bed is a perfect reflection of this. It not only impresses with its simple, timeless form, but also intrigues with its unusual, soft shape. Next to providing your little one with a cosy place to sleep, this cot bed can also be transformed over time into a stylish sofa, which can be used also outside of the children’s room.

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    • Foam mattress 140x70 with round corners


      The mattress was made taking into account the high quality of workmanship and safety of use. It is ergonomic and therefore provides comfort during sleep and rest. The mattress is made of highly elastic PUR foam with a thickness of 8 cm.

      Manufacturer: ATB | Height: 8 cm


Like all our beds, the Grand is made from natural, legally sourced wood. We paint them with a water-based varnish that is completely safe for the youngest children. This allows you to choose a cot bed in a colour that will match your home style perfectly. The universal design of the Grand cot bed allows it to fit almost any interior. Moreover, thanks to being made of pine wood, this sturdy piece of furniture can last for many years indeed.

The entire shape of the cot bed is oval, but for your child’s safety we also round off all edges slightly to minimise the risk of injury.


The Grand cot bed allows you to set the frame at three different heights: 50, 38 and 30 cm (measured from the floor). This will make it comfortable for you to take care of your infant, and once they grow bigger, you can lower the frame to keep them safe.


It would be a waste for a child to outgrow their first cot bed so quickly. This is why the sofa function will allow you to enjoy this beautiful piece of furniture for even longer. Once your child grows enough, you can easily unscrew the front barrier. This will turn the Grand into a comfortable bed that your little one can use on their own or a stylish sofa that encourages leisure time.


The natural environment is very important to us, which is why the wood used in our products comes from sustainable forest management sites to meet both the current needs of society and those of future generations.


  • Size: 140×70 cm,
  • External dimensions: length 144cm, width 74cm, height 90cm,
  • Mattress: 140×70 cm,
  • Material: solid beech wood,
  • Spacing between rungs: 6 cm,
  • Manufacturer: ATB Meble,
  • Warranty – 2 years,
  • Shipping from £20 for orders to the UK Incl. VAT


Julia Fuchs
Verified order
27 December 2023
(Translated by Google)
The bed looks great and the quality is also excellent. It was easy to assemble and the bed fits perfectly in the room. What we like best is that it can grow with us, so we can enjoy the bed for a long time!
Verified order
10 July 2023
(Translated by Google)
We love the baby cribs for the twins. Designed with love and such great quality.

2 years


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