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Selectwood sp. z o o, Ludomira Rozyckiego 12/2, 93-586 Lodz, Poland, Register: Pol. Commercial Register (KRS), NIP (pol. tax number): 7292737572, REGON (pol. business registration number) 388438193 (hereinafter: “SELECTWOOD SP. Z O.O.”) offers the “Opinions” service. The user of the products available on the website (hereinafter: “Products”), hereinafter referred to as “User”, is entitled to leave an opinion. The reviews are intended to help other website users make their selection. Adding an opinion is free.

Users of the “Opinions” service fully accept these Terms and agree to comply with them. “Opinions” are available to users who use the website after accessing the subpage on which the offer that is the subject of the opinion is presented.



To add an opinion, the user must fill in the required fields.
The user undertakes to provide the required data truthfully and accepts that he may not use the identity of another person.

“Opinions” may contain text and photos. “Opinions” must contain the personal opinion of the user, it is forbidden to copy the content created by third parties. After sending the statement, it will be published within 10 working days on the website, where the product that is the subject of the statement is offered. The user accepts that due to technical difficulties the publication of opinions may take more than 10 working days.

The user accepts that the publication of an opinion via the “Opinions” service amounts to making it publicly available on the Internet and grants SELECTWOOD SP. Z O. O. non-exclusive right to use, store, publish, translate, create derivative works, exploit, publish and present the content of the opinion in whole or in part, as part of any possible protection arising from the intellectual property rights that they can use and use the name provided by the user when posting opinions for any purpose, including commercial and advertising, in any media, including the Internet, worldwide, free of charge, for a period of 10 years.

In order to ensure the quality of the “Opinions” service, the User undertakes to only provide reviews on the products that he has actually tested or used.


Opinions must not contain:

  • Advertising and/or commercial content.
  • spelling and syntax errors,
  • Content that violates the principle of user anonymity.
  • Content widely considered racist, xenophobic, vulgar, offensive.
  • Content that may violate the intellectual property rights of third parties (e.g. unlawful use of protected symbols and trademarks).
  • Content that relates to specific people, including public figures. Email addresses, telephone numbers, postal addresses or other data that allows direct or indirect identification of a natural or legal person.
  • Only one opinion can be given for a product.



The user of the “Reviews” service undertakes to comply with applicable law and these Terms. SELECTWOOD SP. Z O. O. reserves the right not to publish comments that contradict these conditions without informing the Internet user. SELECTWOOD SP. Z O. O. also reserves the right to remove opinions that, in its opinion, are inconsistent with these Conditions or applicable regulations at any time, without notifying the user.

SELECTWOOD SP. Z O. O. is not responsible for the content of opinions published by users through the “Opinions” service, nor for any claims by third parties related to the content of the published opinions.



The user accepts that publishing an opinion on the “Opinie” website amounts to making it publicly available on the Internet and grants SELECTWOOD SP. Z O.O. non-exclusive right to use, store, publish, translate, create derivative works, exploit, publish and present the content of the opinion in whole or in part, under any protection deriving from intellectual property rights , which they may use, and the specified name of the user when publishing opinions for any purpose, in particular for the free use of commercial and advertising advertisements in all media, in particular on the Internet, worldwide, for a period of 10 years.

By attaching a photo to the review of the purchased product, the user confirms that he is the author or owns all the copyrights to the photos attached to the review. The user declares that the photos do not violate any rights or personal rights of third parties or copyrights;

By publishing an opinion and attaching a photo, the user grants SELECTWOOD SP. Z O.O. without additional compensation. non-exclusive license and permission as well as consent to the use and disposal of photos for commercial, promotional or advertising purposes in the areas listed below:

  • in the field of recording and reproduction in whole or in part, in particular by posting on Facebook or Instagram – making copies using a specific technology, including printing, reprographic, magnetic recording, digital and multimedia techniques, regardless of the standard, system, Format, on any medium, in particular recording and reproduction in any quantity and form;
  • in the context of trading in the original or copies – placing on the market, lending, renting, leasing of the original or copies;
  • in the context of the distribution of the work – in whole or in part, in a manner other than that specified above – public performance, exhibition, reproduction, broadcast and retransmission as well as making it publicly available in a manner accessible to everyone, access to it in a place and at a location of their choosing have the time chosen for him; including distribution on the Internet or intranet;
  • The total or partial intrusion into: computer networks, including the Internet and other networks, without limitation, the total or partial intrusion into computer memory and processing in computer memory, without limitation.


The photos can be used in the above-mentioned areas of exploitation in whole, in part, in fragments, independently, in combination with works from other companies, also as part of a joint work, after archiving in electronic and printed form, after studies, adjustments and additions. or other changes etc.

By attaching photos containing the image to the opinion, the user declares that he agrees with their distribution by SELECTWOOD SP. Z O.O. agrees. The permission includes the free use of the image, without any permission in the areas of use mentioned above.



The controller of your personal data processed in connection with the publication of the opinion is SELECTWOOD sp. z o o, Ludomira Rozyckiego 12/2, 93-586 Lodz, Poland. Detailed information on the rules for processing personal data can be found at

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