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Montessori philosophy

“Help me do it on my own”

The Montessori method of education

Pedagogy based on the approach of Maria Montessori is gaining popularity. Maria Montessori lived in Italy at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries.

She noticed that the then-existing educational methods did not meet the natural needs of children. It is in children’s nature to move and be curious, which leads to creative development. The role of parents or carers is to support children in their development by creating an environment in which children will have friendly conditions for holistic physical, mental and emotional development.


Children’s beds in our store are in line with the Montessori idea.

The premise of Maria Montessori’s approach to raising children is to create a child-friendly space. Ease of movement around the room, toys placed at such a height that they are easy to reach, the ability to get in and out of bed by oneself – all these require special solutions. The baby cots offered at Treetale have been designed with children of all ages in mind. For a toddler, you can choose a cot in which the mattress is practically placed on the floor or a taller one for an older child. Our bookcases and desks have height-adjustable shelves and the children’s toy boxes have wheels so they can be moved easily when playing. Additionally, for some of the cots, you can order a rolling drawer which will become an additional space for playing or, if necessary, sleeping 🙂 The house-frame cot bed offers unlimited possibilities of arrangement, fun and learning.

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