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BlogMeli bed – 1000 possible combinations

Meli bed – 1000 possible combinations

You may think it’s impossible, but the Meli bed really is available in countless variations. Size, colour or drawer are just some of the options available. See for yourself how many combinations you are able to create with our iconic bed.


The Meli bed is available in as many as nineteen sizes, from 140×70 to 200×140 cm! Thanks to that, you can tailor it perfectly to your needs. This piece of furniture will fit into any room, and it’s roomy enough for any child. For the youngest little ones, we recommend the cute little sizes, and for the older children, the larger sizes, on which even two of them can fit!

In the photo: house bed Meli 160x80cm with railing


Natural, raw wood has its own unique charm, but if you dream of a white bed, we can provide that too. To match the Meli bed perfectly with your décor, simply choose one of the available colour versions: white, grey or pink. Or you can always go natural and choose unvarnished wood.

House Bed Meli

Safety railing

We know how important it is for your child to be safe while sleeping. Thanks to the variant with safety railing, you don’t have to worry about them falling off the bed at night. The wooden railing not only has a utilitarian function, but also a decorative one. You can choose flat or round rungs, depending on what you prefer.

In the picture: House bed Meli 160x80cm, railing with round rungs

Longer bed legs

For the youngest children, the best solution will be a bed with surface near the floor, which, in keeping with the Montessori spirit, they can use on their own. However, if the child is already a few years old, it is good for the bed to be a little taller and therefore more comfortable to use. That’s not a problem, as Meli is also available in a variant with extra 10 or even 20 cm of leg length.

In the photo: house bed Meli 160x80cm with railing
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If you need extra storage or a guest bed, the drawer variant is made especially for you. The drawer has a frame inside on which you can easily stack boxes or an extra mattress providing extra sleeping space that you can slide underneath at any time.


A bar in front of the roof

As befits a real house, the Meli bed has a roof. It looks really great, but you may find that sometimes this design element is not the most convenient for you. However, you don’t have to worry about that. The front bar of the roof can be removed with no impact on the stability of the bed.

In the picture: House Bed Meli 160x80cm with railing


To make the bed even cosier, it is a good idea to hang a canopy over it. It can take a variety of forms. We particularly recommend the soft cotton curtains and the cute canopy with a colourful window. These simple extras will make the bed even more special.


Compose yourself the bed that best suits the needs of your family. In the end, who could do it better? We only provide you with the right tools. Have your little one sit on your lap and together you can design your dream bed.

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