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BlogCollection of bunk beds
In the photo: Bunk bed Sigelo II 160 x 80 cm, with ladder on the left-hand side

Collection of bunk beds

Wooden bunk beds have long been popular for their durability, aesthetics and functionality. They provide a comfortable sleeping space for two siblings while saving valuable floor space in the room. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about your little ones having to share a room. By choosing the right bunk bed, you will not only save a lot of space, but also stylishly arrange the children’s room and gain extra storage space.


Our range of bunk beds will allow you to create a piece of furniture tailored to your needs. You can choose not only from a range of sizes, but also models, ladders, railings and drawers. Beforehand, however, it is worth considering what you like best and where exactly the bed should stand.

In the photo: Bunk bed - Sigelo II Compact 160 x 80 cm, Extended bed legs


If the children’s room is in the loft, the ideal bed would be our most classic model, the Sigelo II. It features no tall decorative elements, so it will fit almost anywhere. An extra advantage is that you can choose which side you want the ladder to be installed.

In the photo: Bunk bed - Saja II Compact 160 x 80 cm, Floor bed
In the photo: Bunk bed - Saja II Compact 160 x 80 cm, Floor bed


Every older child dreams of sleeping on top of the bunk bed. No problem! But what if the other child is still very little? To make it easier for them to use the bed on their own, choose a model with to lower bed right at the floor. It’s also worth adding a railing to avoid having to worry about the little one falling off the mattress at night.


Yes, an unexpected visit of a family member can happen to any of us. But where to accommodate them for the night when space is scarce? Our compact versions of the Saja II and Sigelo II bed with drawer come to the rescue. Simply place a mattress in the drawer and it will successfully serve as the third bed. Such extra space is always valuable for any home.

In the photo: Bunk bed - Saja II Compact 160 x 80 cm, with drawer


We know that there are enthusiasts of original solutions among us. It’s well known that classic wooden beds are great, but sometimes it’s worth going a little wild. This is where our Hipi and Fili models are perfect, as they are sure to delight kids with their original shape and functions. And if that’s too much for you, there’s always our iconic Saja II model, which charmingly combines a tiny house and a classic bunk bed 🙂

Check out our range of bunk beds and choose the one that will work best in your home.

Bunk bed - Hipi with drawer
Bunk bed - Fili

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