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BlogAn overview of the latest trends and inspirations in the decoration of children’s rooms
overview trends and inspirations geometry and vintage

An overview of the latest trends and inspirations in the decoration of children’s rooms

Inspirations related to colours, motifs or patterns.

The 2023/2024 winter season is undoubtedly about symmetry and simplicity. Among the decoration of children’s rooms, geometrics and vintage patterns have come back into fashion. Colours still reign supreme, but there are plenty of new additions to the market, so we decided to do a quick review of decorating trends and inspirations for the winter season.

Let’s start with what is most structured, namely geometry. It is particularly evident in the furniture. Geometric children’s beds add logic to the overall space of a child’s room. Positioned in the corner of the room, surrounded by warm stickers and decorated with garlands, the bed provides a dynamic design, but above all gives the room functionality – so vital in a children’s room.

Geometry is also about accessories:

cushions, garlands and wall stickers. They are what brings harmony to a child’s room and makes it cosy and calming. Simple patterns (including evenly placed stickers of clouds or dots on the wall) are the best idea for decorating the room of the youngest children. Older children and teenagers like decorations that catch the eye, so cushions and mats with a geometric pattern will be an indispensable part of an older child’s room.

The vintage style in the children’s room is all about the accessories.

In the 2023/2024 winter season, this is particularly evident on the walls, where large stickers depicting balloons, animals lifted straight from old books or boho-style rainbows reign supreme. Worth noting is the revival of wooden furniture: bookcases and shelves in the shape of toy houses. These are versatile Montessori furniture that are a perfect addition to children’s beds. In addition to their organising function, they open children up to play and creative use of space.

And let’s not forget one of the latest trends – canopies for children’s beds. There is no more magical addition to a child’s room, which is why the fashion for canopies has just begun. Particularly now, at the beginning of the winter season, we can see an increase in variety among canopies. Two particularly popular uses of canopies stand out here. Ceiling canopies (with a ring) and bed canopies. While the former can be placed anywhere in the house (also on the terrace or balcony in summer, where they can be used for reading, for example), the latter require specific dimensions and design of the bed. This does not change the fact that canopies for the children’s room are one of the most searched phrases on the internet.

trends and inspirations

If you are curious about new trends in children’s room decoration – follow our blog. New reviews, useful tips and interesting facts from the world of interior design are coming soon.

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